Tekelec RTOS Work

At Tekelec I have had the chance to become very involved in the development of low-level software for the following platforms:

  • VxWorks Kernel, and BSP development
  • Proprietary OSs running on Arm based IXP1250, IXP2350, and EP9312 processors.
  • Proprietary OSs running on many different x86 processors

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All of the above platforms ran on multi-processor distributed memory blades, which were part of a larger distributed real time message passing system that implemented the Tekelec Eagle 5 platform which ran SS7 and related products such as SCCP, GTT, LNP, etc…

Specific VxWorks modules I was responsible for included:

  • In system device programming (FPGA, CPLD, and Firmware hub)
  • ISR handlers for Thermal conditions, battery voltages, clocks, and other Tekelec specific events
  • SMBus interface routines
  • CPU Thermal monitor and management (patent pending)
  • Application download
  • Failsafe file system on top of dosFs
  • Error handler/reporting application
  • Custom NMI handler
  • Boot loader

On all of the above projects (except the last two) I was the lead or sole engineer. Because I played such a large role in the development of OS level code, I was the primary contact for the hardware team during board bring up when software assistance was needed.

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