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Tekelec Test Tools

Another development effort that I got to lead was a system test tool for the Tekelec signal transfer point (STP) which enables Tekelc personnel to stress the backbone of the STP in a controlled fashion. The STP is basically a

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Tekelec RTOS Work

At Tekelec I have had the chance to become very involved in the development of low-level software for the following platforms: VxWorks Kernel, and BSP development Proprietary OSs running on Arm based IXP1250, IXP2350, and EP9312 processors. Proprietary OSs running

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Tekelec Next Gen Hardware

I also took a lead role in the design and development of the next generation of tekelec products which will be based on a dual core Intel platform. Because VxWorks does not fully support SMP we decided to come up

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Tekelec ARM Work

I was able to develop software for many ARM processors, some software modules I worked on included: CPU Interface code for Broadcom 5630 switch Application download Flash programming LED Controller Many other Tekelec specific modules I was the sole engineer

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