BOPS 3D Graphics work

Below are some screenshots of 3D applications running on the BOPS DSP OpenGL driver the Embedded Applications team developed. They show our implementation of a highly optimized OpenGL driver running on a DSP core with many levels of parallelism. We did this by developing a dynamic link library that directed all OpenGL calls to the BOPS DSP core for processing, once the core was done processing the results of each frame were returned to the host computer where they were rasterized.

Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2a

As a member of the Embedded Applications team I helped implement the OpenGL driver for the BOPS DSP. I was primarily responsible for the OpenGL lighting model (shown in screenshot 2a), but I also helped get Quake III (screenshot 1) running on the BOPS OpenGL driver. Once Quake was running I was responsible for maintaining it on new releases of the BOPS SDK, and BOPS API.

Screenshot 2b

Screenshot 2a shows the OpenGL lighting application in action, screenshot 2b shows the controls for all of the variables in the OpenGL lighting equation. I developed this application to prove that BOPS could process all 8 of the lights in the OpenGL spec. The 4 spheres in the top window danced around sinusoidally, and the 8 lights acted according to the settings in the lower window. The user could change any of the values in the control window and the OpenGL scene would be updated immediately.

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